Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Getting Paid to Write on a Paid for Views Site

Not too long ago I signed up through a site that is pretty well known. The site - which just recently was taken over by Yahoo!, has been around for quite some time. That site - which many of you may recognize already - is Associated Content or now referred to as The Yahoo! Contributor Network . 

How does the site work?

Like most other sites out there where you can get paid to write all you need to do is create good quality original content. However, unlike a lot of other sites out there you do not have to base your content on high paying keywords - instead you simply need to find topics with steady search traffic.

What Can you Write On?

There are very few topics that can not be written on so basically it is an almost completely open platform for you and your knowledge. Like mentioned above though your best bet for optimal online writing and income generating potential through Associated content is to write on topics that are popular after all  views equal money!

How Much Will I Get Paid to Write?

Well there is unfortunately no clear cut answer to this question. Their basic pay scale on their Pay per view system will vary based on the amount of views that your content has received (not monthly but over the course of time). You start out making $1.50 for every 1000 view and then can increase to as high as $2.00 per 1000 views. You also receive little incentives for adding new articles - such as a % bonus on each new accepted submission once you hit a clout 7 (which means getting overall 50,001+ views on your content). Don't forget that is overall - not monthly views that open up that opportunity for you.

Upfront Pay and Exclusive
Some articles, reviews etc can be submitted for what is called an upfront pay. This can range anywhere $ wise but often falls between $3 and $15 upfront. This is only allowed on content that is submitted as exclusive to AC - meaning you can't edit it (without going through AC), remove it or anything. If you opt to list your content as exclusive and request upfront pay you will be notified via messaging with an upfront offer and you can choose whether or not to accept it or publish it under a different means. Exclusive content also opens up doors to getting your content published to other Yahoo sites where it will earn as well.

Submitting your online content as non-exclusive allows you to change, edit and remove the content any time you so choose. So if after 6 months it is just not performing as you'd like it you can delete it and place it on a site that allows content of this nature. You will not qualify for upfront pay however and only earn through PPV - which all content: exclusive and non exclusive will earn.

But I Prefer Ad Revenue Sites for my Passive Income! Should I still Write at AssociatedContent?

Absolutely. The benefit to having a site like this is it is a great place for all those articles, reviews, pictures and videos that just don't have what it takes to earn via an ad revenue share site. Take for example you were to do an article on a news topic that is highly searched but there is no real competition as far as advertisers go. What would you do- put it up on an advertising revenue share site and watch those $0's keep rolling in even though you are getting hundreds or thousands of views? No Way! That is the perfect type of article for a pay per view site.

What are you waiting for? It's 100% free to join - No Hassles, No Commitments only an additional place to add to your get paid to write arsenal.

Join the Yahoo! Contributor Network
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

More Great Revenue Share Bookmarking Sites

More Great Revenue Share Bookmarking Sites

Over the past few weeks I've stumbled upon - or more accurately put was referred to a few more bookmarking sites that allow you to make money off of a revenue share platform. It has not been that long but I am already seeing my bookmarks getting picked up in the search engines and have accrued over $5 - simply from bookmarking my own articles and content.

As with any site like these I would expect to see a boost in traffic and earnings fairly quickly and then typically they will die down a bit. Which is fine when you consider that you are earning an additional income online for promoting your content which in turn is getting a decently ranked backlink - which we know by now tells the search engines that your content is important and helps increase your chances of ranking higher in results.

Sign Up and Start Earning

On one of these sites I actually earned my first click within just a day or two of submission and that one click made me $1.07 - that was having a total of 5 articles bookmarked at that time. Seeing how on a typical low CPC article I can get 6 clicks and make around the same amount that is not so bad! I have found that so far when you bookmark your content to have the best earning opportunities you want to include a unique title and description - don't use the regular article title, instead use a new title and just slightly different keywords that support your main article topic and add a unique description, based on the keywords for both titles, of at least 100 to 150 words. Don't cut and paste your first paragraph -  if you want better results create a completely unique description.

Revenue sharing bookmarking site #1

InfoPirate - Check them out, submit some bookmarks (or even articles) and start earning right away! Bonus is that you use your own Google Adsense to earn so you can track just how well your bookmarks are preforming. (You can friend me there - my username is WritingMom)

Revenue Share Bookmarking Site #2

Seekyt - Sign up submit your bookmarks or articles and get recognized by the search engines. This site too is based on a revenue share that utilized your own Google Adsense so you can track what you earn and see just how well it is benefiting you. (You can friend me here as well under the same username: WritingMom)
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