Friday, November 18, 2011

Affiliate Program: Money Making Opportunity for Website/Blog Owners

Those who don't have the time to sign up for the numerous affiliate programs out there - well this opportunity may be just what you've been waiting for. The program is not new - just new to me and possibly to you.

How does this affiliate opportunity work you ask? 

With this program it is quite simple. You don't have time to sign up with dozens of affiliate programs so this site does it for you. You add a simple code to your website and they will optimize your links or add links to content related affiliate products or programs. 

Existing Links 

If you have existing links on your site that are not affiliate optimized this code (program) that you added to your site will go in and optimize those links with an affiliate ID. You can also request (via a checkbox on the account page) the code to overwrite your current affiliate links with links they believe will preform better. 

No Existing Links 

A new addition to this automated affiliate program is the ability to link existing anchor text with an affiliate company, product or link. 

What's the Catch? 
No big catch. They take 25% of the commissions you make through the affiliate links and they do all the work. Seems like a decent trade and if you ever decide to sign up for all those affiliate programs yourself all you have to do is delete the code and optimize your own links. 

But I use other Optimization Programs (Adsense etc)? 

No worries, this program won't interfere with other monetization programs such as Adsense, Chitika etc. You are free to use it in conjunction with these other programs. 

A forum of frequently asked questions and a quick responding customer service team will help you with any other questions you may have. 

OK Already Give Me the Link!!

You got it here is this new Affiliate Opportunity- check out the program, read about it and tell me what you think! 
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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Outsourcing Your Content Writing

Life too busy? Not a great writer? Lose your passion to write but not your passion to make money online? Whatever the reason may be that is keeping you from getting fresh content online outsourcing may be just the thing you need.

Pro's and Con's of Outsourced Content 

One of the biggest benefits of outsourced content is the fact that you don't have to do it. Outsourcing articles, blog posts and other web content needs takes the stress of getting it done, off your shoulders - no need to spend hours finding the right words to create an article or researching facts, SEO or keywords .

Whether you want a single article or 100 articles you can find writer's ready to take on just about any writing task you can throw at them. You are not the only one looking to make money online, so there will be little effort required to find someone to fill your writing needs. Another good thing about outsourced content is that when you are paying for someone else to create your content  - you can be in control of what you want as far as word count, quality, quantity, topic, keyword density - you name it - you are in the driver's seat. So, if you are looking to get a lot of good content online and making you money all it takes is the right writer's (or resources) and a little investment.

Now on the other side (that'd be the con's) of outsourced content -- some of the obstacles that you may encounter are plagiarism and low quality content. Luckily both of these can be checked and prevented if you do it right and don't just randomly hire any old Joe to handle your outsourced articles. It may be hard to pass by the writer offering to write a 500 to 1000 word article for $1 or $2 but chances are at that price you'll get exactly what you paid for -- which is low quality, stolen or error filled content.

To be safe check out the reviews of any site that offers these services (don't forget to ensure that you retain full rights to the articles you buy as well) or stick with tried and true sites such as Elance or ODesk that provide somewhat of a safety net for transactions/jobs listed through the site as well as allowing you to add specifications for quality, originality and anything else you may need to your listings.

No matter who you outsource your writing needs to be sure to run your finished work through CopyScape or a similar program to ensure that the articles your are getting are unique and not plagiarized.

Article outsourcing should be researched and thoroughly thought through before jumping in, but once you have done your homework this can be a great way to get a lot of good quality content online and ready to start making you a regular residual income without all the time consuming tasks that come with creating the content yourself. .

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