Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Has eHow Gone Crazy?

For those of you familiar with the paid writing site then you are probably already familiar with the numerous glitches, bugs, vague answers and responses, and several other irritating issues that seem to constantly be plaguing the site. Well, if you have been at this paid to write site for any amount of time at all or at least long enough to earn some ad revenue from your articles then chances are you have found a way to "deal" with the issues.

However, eHow's most recent vague response and "enhancement" seems to be causing a great deal of angst with a majority of users - several who are usually quick to minimize other users issues.

It seems that eHow had an epiphany and decided to launch a mirrored site for the UK - Hey that is great!! Wait, maybe not so great!! IT SEEMS that this mirrored site contains user submitted articles but it does not appear that those users are actually compensated for their articles appearance on this new high ranking site! <-- If you failed to catch that last part "high ranking" well let me clue you in on why that is such an issue. It appears that when their articles are searched for the UK (unpaid) listing is out ranking the US listing where these articles have been maturing for months if not longer. What this means for those "users" is that they are most likely missing out on those views but also on the potential ad revenue that they have become accustomed to earning off of those articles. And so far the best response members (or should I say users) seem to be getting is an even more side stepping vague response along the lines of: well when the site gets older then we can tell you when or if you will get paid - but for now it shouldn't be affecting your earnings!! -- Ummm HELLO - did you not read that the site that users are not getting paid on is out ranking the site that they do earn off of?? Seems hard to fathom that they are not losing out on some earnings - last time I looked a reader can't be interested in an ad that they never see - which means less to no earnings for those work from home writers!! It bares mentioning as well that during this issue an article has been uncovered that discusses the launch of the UK site and the possibility of looking more to professional content. Begs the question as to when and if they intend on actually notifying writers who have put years and their heart and soul into content that was used to build eHow and make it what it is today!! IF the boot is coming even in the not so near future the stand up thing to do would be to give ample notice so writers can focus on other revenue earning sites and places to place their content!!
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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Online Advertising Revenue Opportunity for Bloggers and Content Writers!

A new money making opportunity has arrived for bloggers, website owners, content writers and publishers alike! This new online advertising revenue building opportunity may not be revolutionary - or maybe just not yet - but it is another profitable resource for those who use the internet to turn a profit.

Let me tell you how it works and then we will get into what it is exactly...

The process is simple for publishers - you sign up (100% FREE) - submit your main site (though you can use it on most of your sites as long as they abide by the TOS) and once you are approved you are then given a publisher ID. Your publisher ID will be needed for some 3rd party content sites in order to show your advertising revenue building ads alongside your content. You can then start to earn by simply pasting your ad code into your site that will show targeted ads to your search engine traffic.

You will also have the opportunity to earn more with this new money making opportunity by getting others to sign up and start earning too!! How simple is that - so it boils down to a few minutes of your time in which you can continue to earn online advertising revenue day after day.

What is this new ad revenue site?

The site is called Chitika and already they are climbing the ranks and turning into the next big thing. So don't get left out, sign up today and start earning your share of the online advertising revenue!

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Get Paid to Write

Tired of searching for legit work from home opportunities that can lead to "real" money? Do you like to write?

How about getting paid to write articles, blogs and other content for the internet and websites? Paid writers can pull in a good sized monthly income if they know where to look and know who actually pays. Below you will find several tried and true paid to write sites that can be used to build up your work from home revenue. A few even offer affiliate programs, that allow you to earn more when you refer other writer's.

Note: a few of the get paid to write sites have not been tried by me and have simply been searched out - should you run across any site that you feel needs to be removed from this legit work from home site please let us know! Any site marked with an "*" is a site that has been tried, is legit and I continue to earn money with!


Freelance Writers - Get Paid to Write

Earn More From Your Articles

The above link takes you to a highly recommended Ebook. If you write articles or content then you will definitely want to pick up this Ebook. This book was written by WriterGig who is one of eHows top earners. She has bypassed the $1000 a mo mark and is highly recommended. You will not regret picking up her very detailed and profitable Ebook.

*Elance - Hire or be Hired - Bid on Writing Job Right Now!

* SheToldMe - Earn 100% of your Adsense revenue - Sign up today and start getting paid!

*Hubpages - 5 Potential ways to earn writing hubs (articles)

* InfoBarrel - Earn residual income off your articles month after month 75 -90%!

Xomba - Looking for Writers

* Bukisa

Get Paid Writing Articles

* Daily Article

* Get Paid To Write Articles for AC

* Demand Studios

Looking For Writers!

Freelance Jobs Classifieds!

Educational Writers

Writers Wanted From Articles To Poetry

GetPaidToWriteOnline Writers Resource

Ezine Articles
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Friday, March 6, 2009

Transcription - Legal, Medical and General

Transcription work from home is one of the more popular work at home opportunities available for the stay at home moms and dads. It is not necessarily an "easy" job for everyone it takes understanding, good ears, patience and a little getting use to. However, if you take the time to learn the "how to's" of transcription it can be a very profitable endeavor.

If you are not familiar with transcription work you can check out sites such as MTurk which can familiarize you with a little of what is expected from you when you work at home doing transcription. If you are interested in getting some training in transcription work check out CareerStep - They offer one of the lowest cost educations in this field, but are highly recommended by work at home and stay at home moms.

Transcription - Legal, Medical and General


Accutran Global

ANP Transcription


Chromolume Inc

Cyber Dictate

Modern Day Scribe


Express Document

Mass Transcription


MX Secure

Net Transcripts

OSI Transcription

Production Transcripts



I will add more as I run across them. If you have or currently are working @ home and would like to contribute to this list please let me know.
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Work from Home Phone Jobs

Tired of your job or long commute? Search below for a real work from home opportunity that will help you bring in that paycheck without wasting gas and without ever having to get out of your pajamas if you choose not to.

Work from home call center work and other "phone jobs" are another extremely popular work at home career that is available to those who prefer to work with a more flexible and less demanding job or schedule.

Call Center work from home -Virtual Assistants -Telemarketing work from home-Non-Telemarketing
at home

Alpine Access @ Home Customer Service

Virtual Customer Care Solutions

ARO Work@Home

Customer Svc./Sales/Tech. Supp.
Working Solutions


Talk 2 Rep


Fil-Can Communications



Xact Services

Ventana Call Centers

Accolade Support


Kowal Inc

Voice Log

Work@home jobs for Americans w/Disabilities



Blue Zebra Appointment Setting

Call Center/Answering Service


PGM Inc Data Collection

ACD Direct


PMI Virtual Staffing

Office 88

Virtual Office Staff

Motion Temps

Simply Virtual


Executive Secretaries

Most Responsive



UCN inContact

Home Based CCR

Overflow USA

Team Double Click

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Assemble Crafts at Home

Are you looking to be able to make some extra money from the comfort of your home at your own pace? If you are then assembly jobs and craft assembly positions that can be done from home may be of interest to you. As an assembler you don't really need to be "crafty" as most positions and tasks come complete with instructions. You simply need the time, space and the patience that it takes to finish each project.

Depending on where you sign up to assemble crafts at home you are paid based on the amount of items that you are able to assemble correctly.

Assemble Crafts @ Home

Assemble Crafts @ Home

Greeting Cards

Ideal Craft
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Paid To Display ads on your site

Paid To Display ads on your site

Google Adsense



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Paid for Pictures

Paid for your pictures

Shutter Stock

Big Stock Photo

US Photo Stock
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Freelance Writers - Paid to Post

Are you looking to work from home full time or part time maybe just occasionally in your spare time? Do you know a lot about something, anything or everything? Do you like to share your opinion, learn new things, chat with others or simply just write?

If you answered yes to any of the above then a work from home opportunity like getting paid to post and blog may be just the gig for you. There is a lot of flexibility in a freelance position such as that of a forum booster or paid poster. Check out the links below to see who is hiring and more about what it takes to get paid to post from home.

Freelance Writers - Paid to Post

* Paid To Post- Forums First Note: This site has fast pay and typically lots of work!

* Paid To Post- Kickstart Your Forums Note: This site has an amazing staff and is fun to work with. Very organized!

Blog and Get Paid

Paid To Write Reviews

Paid To Post- Paid Forum Posting
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Misc. Work at Home Gigs - Extra Money Opps.

* Paid To Write and Reply

* Paid To Copy and Paste -Free $1 a day

ChaCha Guide

Internet Assessor

Google Quality Rater
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Getting Started with Real Work from Home

I have compiled a listing of work at home jobs, work from home opportunities and misc. earn from home sites. A majority of these work at home jobs have been looked into or referred by others, who have claimed to have actually worked for the company. However, not all listed work at home websites have been checked out so do your research. I have marked with an * those work at home ops that I currently dabble in and earn from and are free and easy.

Should you stumble across a link that is no longer active or have feedback or a review regarding any company you find listed please feel free to leave a comment.

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Paid to Search

Search & Win

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