Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Has eHow Gone Crazy?

For those of you familiar with the paid writing site then you are probably already familiar with the numerous glitches, bugs, vague answers and responses, and several other irritating issues that seem to constantly be plaguing the site. Well, if you have been at this paid to write site for any amount of time at all or at least long enough to earn some ad revenue from your articles then chances are you have found a way to "deal" with the issues.

However, eHow's most recent vague response and "enhancement" seems to be causing a great deal of angst with a majority of users - several who are usually quick to minimize other users issues.

It seems that eHow had an epiphany and decided to launch a mirrored site for the UK - Hey that is great!! Wait, maybe not so great!! IT SEEMS that this mirrored site contains user submitted articles but it does not appear that those users are actually compensated for their articles appearance on this new high ranking site! <-- If you failed to catch that last part "high ranking" well let me clue you in on why that is such an issue. It appears that when their articles are searched for the UK (unpaid) listing is out ranking the US listing where these articles have been maturing for months if not longer. What this means for those "users" is that they are most likely missing out on those views but also on the potential ad revenue that they have become accustomed to earning off of those articles. And so far the best response members (or should I say users) seem to be getting is an even more side stepping vague response along the lines of: well when the site gets older then we can tell you when or if you will get paid - but for now it shouldn't be affecting your earnings!! -- Ummm HELLO - did you not read that the site that users are not getting paid on is out ranking the site that they do earn off of?? Seems hard to fathom that they are not losing out on some earnings - last time I looked a reader can't be interested in an ad that they never see - which means less to no earnings for those work from home writers!! It bares mentioning as well that during this issue an article has been uncovered that discusses the launch of the UK site and the possibility of looking more to professional content. Begs the question as to when and if they intend on actually notifying writers who have put years and their heart and soul into content that was used to build eHow and make it what it is today!! IF the boot is coming even in the not so near future the stand up thing to do would be to give ample notice so writers can focus on other revenue earning sites and places to place their content!!

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