Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Online Advertising Revenue Opportunity for Bloggers and Content Writers!

A new money making opportunity has arrived for bloggers, website owners, content writers and publishers alike! This new online advertising revenue building opportunity may not be revolutionary - or maybe just not yet - but it is another profitable resource for those who use the internet to turn a profit.

Let me tell you how it works and then we will get into what it is exactly...

The process is simple for publishers - you sign up (100% FREE) - submit your main site (though you can use it on most of your sites as long as they abide by the TOS) and once you are approved you are then given a publisher ID. Your publisher ID will be needed for some 3rd party content sites in order to show your advertising revenue building ads alongside your content. You can then start to earn by simply pasting your ad code into your site that will show targeted ads to your search engine traffic.

You will also have the opportunity to earn more with this new money making opportunity by getting others to sign up and start earning too!! How simple is that - so it boils down to a few minutes of your time in which you can continue to earn online advertising revenue day after day.

What is this new ad revenue site?

The site is called Chitika and already they are climbing the ranks and turning into the next big thing. So don't get left out, sign up today and start earning your share of the online advertising revenue!

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