Saturday, February 6, 2010

Social Bookmarking Sites

Social Bookmarking sites are a great way to drive traffic to your content and help get it noticed. There are dozens of social networking or bookmarking sites that can be used and some of those you will find below.

Note: It is not always going to be beneficial to submit your content to sites such as these, few things you will want to pay attention to when choosing which websites will work best to drive traffic to your articles and content are: 1) what type of ranking does it have on the popular search engines? 2) how many people are "really" going to have the opportunity to see your submissions via the site? 3) how easy is the submission process? 4) Will it really allow you to promote your articles and other content?

The first site you will find is one that does not necessarily have a great ranking just yet but it is one of the ONLY social bookmarking sites that allows you to earn revenue off of submissions:

SheToldMe - Add  links to your content or website along with a short keyword rich description and earn 100% Adsense revenue off of your submissions. SheToldMe not only gives you the opportunity to create a beneficial backlink that can help drive traffic to your website or content but they also give you the opportunity to earn off your submissions and even pass along a bit of benefit for referring others to the site, too.

Redgage - Get paid to promote your articles, website content, video's, links, blog posts and more...

Digg - Another popular, well ranking and frequented social bookmarking site for your content. Submit an array of popular content that interests you - be sure it is a mixture of your content and others - and the more people Digg your submissions the kinder the likes of Google and other search engines will look upon you.

Twitter - Tweet your way to content success! Many freelance writers have found Twitter to be a successful way to share both their days and their content.

Google - Not a social bookmarking site but allows your information to be submitted directly to Google in hopes of getting it picked up and indexed faster on their search engine! Google can't be beat when it comes to popularity so getting Google to notice you will get you noticed by others too and help you to drive traffic to your website or other online content!
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