Monday, November 22, 2010

Email Marketing Successfully - A Program that Works

AWeber - Email Marketing Made Easy

If you work online whether you have an internet business, freelance or provide niche related content that is dependent on followers, customers or the likes then you should already be familiar with email marketing and what it entails.

For those of you who are not familiar with it - email marketing can be as simple as  providing a contact form on your site or an auto response to emails sent in from customers, consumers or subscribers. It can also be as extensive as regular newsletters sent out online via email,  building a subscription platform for your site or information, obtaining and managing subscriber sign ups right on through to tracking how well your email marketing strategies are preforming. These can all be  important aspects to increasing your online and offline success.

What successful email marketing is not: spamming a bunch of people information that they are uninterested in; sending emails to random people in hopes you find someone who is interested.

Successful email marketing is: allowing people to choose to receive information from you that interests them, sharing products/info related to niches of interest, building a relationship and trust with subscribers while providing them requested information, making sure inquiries are acknowledged immediately, building revenue opportunities, expanding your follower base and much more.

Email Marketing Programs - Be Warned!

There are a lot of programs, software and services out there claiming to maximize your email marketing strategies and potential. What you need to watch for are the ones that utilize unethical practices to build a following i.e. spamming, list buying, false advertising etc. Online these services are a dime a dozen.

Succeed with What Helps Others be Successful

Instead of flying blind a good plan of action to take full advantage of the possibilities that email marketing can bring you need to - go with an email marketing program or service that is trusted by people out there doing exactly what you are and succeeding at it.

One of the top companies - and you've probably unknowingly seen them if you've subscribed to a site/blog or receive a regular newsletter via email - is AWeber. Currently they are running a $1 trial for those who are interested but not willing to commit without test driving the service.

AWeber provides: Auto-responder emails to internet inquiries placed to you via: email contact forms etc; as a client you get templates, advanced scheduling settings. customer support and are able to track preformace.

Website Sign up and subscribe forms features: Templates, form designed, animated effects and graphics and split test sign up forms.

Collect and Manage Subscribers (amazing time saver): Sign up forms, subscriber tracking (how many people unsubscribed, opened your email etc), Subscriber segmentation and 3rd party integration.

Newletters & Emails: Over 100 easy to use email templates, sign up forms, great selection of color schemes, RSS to email, works with all major blogs ability to send weekly digests, blog to email, performance tracking, Facebook and Twitter integration and the ability to publish emails online

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