Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How to Get Quality Backlinks - What to look for

Quality backlinks are not just random links to your website or content on some random website. Though not everything is known as far as what the search engines deem valuable one thing is for certain - link quality COUNTS!

Here we will go over some of the basics you need to consider before taking part in link exchanges or signing up with some backlink building service (more on these services below).

Quality backlinks to your website, content or blog should consist of the following:

>Placement on a well ranked site
>Linking site should contain quality information
>Linking website should contain information relevant to your sites niche/topic
>Website where your backlink is placed should contain original content and not content that is plagiarized, infringing copyrights or illegal in any other manner
>Your quality backlinks should never be placed on spam sites. Sites which contain more links and/or self promotion than actual content. *Rule of thumb is approximately 3 quality non-duped links per page of content.
> Keyword optimized anchor text used for links (optimal but not mandatory)
> Ideally for quality backlinks your back links should be placed on sites such as the .edu, .gov which hold high trust with search engines

A word of caution if you are debating trying to get quality backlinks through a link building service. There has been a lot of speculation online as to whether or not the search engines frown upon a large quantity of links going up in a short time or not. However, even if they do not "frown" upon it your chances of getting your site marked as "spam" increase.

If search engines such as Google see a good quantity of links to your site pop up in a day or even a week red flags will possibly be raised. To search engines the chances of those being quality backlinks based on informative information or simply a great website is highly unlikely and they are likely to view it as a scam or spam site.

So, do your homework. Know where your sites backlinks will be listed and make sure the service is designed to slowly build links to your site over a longer period of time rather that all at once.

My recommendation would be to do this job yourself or pay some to find sites that follow the criteria above that are willing to give you quality backlinks. This can be time consuming but in the long run quality can pay off big time.

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