Monday, November 15, 2010

A New Project with Old Content

After following the steps in The Niche Blogger program that I signed up with and the advice of other professional bloggers and site owners I am undertaking a fairly time consuming task in hopes of increasing my passive income revenue.

This project consists of interlinking related articles on the sites where I publish content. One of the my currently active writing sites that holds my largest quantity of content is Infobarrel. So what I will be doing is going through the topics and articles that I've written and adding contextual anchor links to related content.

So basically my articles on working from home (only one of many topics I write on) will now contain links to my other articles on the same site that are relevant to any online opportunity that stands to create a steady income stream whether that be a passive residual income or actual employee based jobs that offer at home positions.

What I am hoping to see from this is both increased acknowledgement to "often overlooked articles" from both reader traffic and search engines. This is not an overnight success as with anything that deals with search engines it may be weeks or months before I notice any significant increases in traffic and/or revenue.

Had I been doing this all along then the time would be rather minimal but since I am starting so late with so much content already published I've added a bit to my workload. So a suggestion I would like to pass on to those of you who create content for passive or residual income is to do this process as you publish content to limit both; the amount of work and the time it will take for search engines to find your content.
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