Thursday, November 4, 2010

What is Blogging? Getting Started Making Money Online

If you have ever wondered "what is blogging" then chances are you've heard about it from a friend or perhaps seen it mentioned on an internet forum. Which is extremely likely if you've ever looked into ways to start making money online or work at home opportunities. (Something that we will discuss towards the end of this article)

A blog is actually a way to pass along stories, opinions, share information and even more importantly make money.

When blogging first came about it was more of a personal platform for individuals to share what they had read or learned online and eventually what you could compare to someone's own personal (yet these are obviously public) diary. They would share stories from their lives, work, kids relationship issues and so on and before you knew it people started dedicating blogs to information on very specific topics (a.k.a. niches).

That ingenious move (niche blogs) is probably what brought you to this blog as it introduced us to something so simple yet so appealing, It gave us the opportunity to share information that we are passionate about and  actually make money and for some of us that money actually pays the bills and then some.

Blogs give you the opportunity to cater your knowledge to individuals out there looking for that information and if you provide what they are looking for you in turn are creating a loyal following.

The more followers you get the more pumped you are about sharing content and the more kindly the search engines will look upon your site. And if you are actually asking yourself "what is blogging" then this is exactly what you want. Once you are recognized by the search engines you are now accessible to a far bigger base of individuals who are interested in your niche topics. Therefore, creating more opportunities to generate a healthy passive income.

If after reading this your interest is still peaked and you know a little more about what is blogging then lets talk about how to get to the point that it pays you to do it.

Merely creating a blog and throwing some content on the pages is not going to bring you a steady passive income stream. Though with some monetization you may see a few pennies here and there it takes more than that. It is not a difficult or extremely time consuming process but it is one that takes know how and requires certain things to be implemented to be successful and start bringing in real money.

Some of the things you will need to know are:

  • what pays (topics, keywords etc)
  • how to promote
  • Search engine optimization (S.E.O) 
  • how to keep a readers attention
  • how to make your blog stand out
  • how to monetize
  • the different ways to monetize properly
  • ad placement for optimal performance
  • and so on and so on

Luckily instead of spending the next year and a half reading through a bunch of half truths and mumbo jumbo searching for the real tricks to making money as a blogger you can do what I did and get it all in one place - courtesy of someone who was just like you and I and is now extremely successful.

What I am talking about is a site I stumbled upon not too long ago and that has already taught me more in less than a month than I learned in nearly two years of trying to figure it out on my own.

That would be The Niche Blogger site. It is a membership site that was created by Amy Bass. She started out like us, learned like us, now brings in thousands of dollars a month because of the tricks she's found to be successful and she shares that with you in a very clear step by step way

I'm not talking pages and pages of stuff to read through - I am talking about step by step video tutorials, screen shots, forums, articles, that walk you through everything from what is blogging, ad placement, niches that pay right down to creating and promoting your content. Where else can you find that? I can tell you in two years I never found that anywhere else.

If you are truly interested in staying home, working and making money online then I highly recommend the site. You won't be financially set over night but if you follow the steps, heed the advice and just do it you could find yourself in a position to eliminate your 9-5 job .
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